Ramblings on my love for motorcycles

I’ve been a fan of motorcycles from my days in school. I remember printing out B&W images of the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki Ninja, pasting it in my scrapbook and showing it off to my classmates in primary school. Those were simple times where a cone of icecream for Rs.2 would delight you and a bag of wafers with a free plastic toy inside, for a princely sum of Rs.10, would make your day. Now the most expensive smartphones and gadgets don’t suffice.

Getting my first bike was a long time coming. My parents’ extreme reluctance due to the high frequency of 2-wheeler accidents and the poor condition of Indian roads and traffic sense  was a major factor. But when I joined my second job, I had to confront the infamous corporate tradition of night shifts for the first time. That coupled with cost cutting efforts of co’s by curbing wasteful cab services for mere employees, I knew the time had come to take the leap. I got my first bike towards the end of 2015, a 153cc Yamaha Fazer, from a kind gentleman who was flying abroad to live the Gulf dream.

Bug-eyed beauty on AH43 (BLR-HYD)

From the first day taking the bike out, repeating ‘one down four up’ in my head from home to office, to doing  my first 1200 kms ride over two days screaming out songs in my helmet to dull the wind noise, it’s been quite a journey.

And the journey continues.


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