On the subject of happiness

Courtesy: kamat.com

I wonder what is happiness

I was pondering over the life of the little ragpicker I saw on a walk home on a sunny Sunday morning

I wonder if he is happy

To me it looks like an extremely unhappy life, probably does to most

But this kid in the photo has a brighter, more genuine and happy smile than any I have seen on my dear corporate friends, or mine

Who am I to say he is not happy; I do not deny the fact that it is a tough life

But again who am I to say he is not happy

Do I lead a happy life ? The corporate life

Where we do things that mostly don’t interest us, for the sake of money

Hoping that the money we make, will buy us the good stuff

Things that we need? or is it the things we think we need?

Maybe because everyone has it; or maybe because we want to one up the other

Hoping that these things will make us happy

Pass time watching moves, having a drink, too lazy to walk out so we order food – a so called good weekend

The well defined template of life – study , well paying job , marriage -car- house- kids -retire -die

I wish I could make life simple – like my friend the college watchman who stays at my place

wakes early , says a prayer, works his ass off, comes home has a little drink , watches a little TV, always smiling rarely complaining – sleeps soundly like I never have in a long time

Whose to say myself ‘the respectable corporate gentleman’ leads a happier life than him?

I once read this quote on a good friend’s father FB page.


In addition to this , life has to be made simple, more basic

Needlessly complicated with so many things.


Detachment from material things , simplicity in life, to help others, oneness with the ultimate truth in god – these I hope will help me in making happiness the way





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