Frailty of ambition


Lost in dreams and thoughts

desire to be one, then be pulled towards another

without singular focus in mind


induce the focus , try to wall out everything else

only to be unable to walk the walk

not to persist , and then wallow in self pity


emotions so volatile , sometimes elated

sometimes down in the pits of hell

torture of mind by the mind

thoughts that calm and thoughts that bleed


years spent toiling away in fickle glass houses

letting the mind rot with numbing monotony

rewarding yourself with monotonous money

climbing imaginary ladders, stepping one over another

becoming giants in insignificant anthills


one thing not sufficient

never satisfied , always wanting something more

some thing, things

things , possessions , bane of life


obtain things you never knew you needed

only to add more desire for things

to outdo what you have

to outdo what another owns


what joy does man see in outdoing another

to be better than the one next to you

to satisfy your ego







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